This is getting repetitive, isn't it?

I want to talk to somebody, but it doesn't seem like anybody understands.


The only person I can talk to about it is him.


I miss you more than words can express.


How can you like them more than me?


Why was there no reason?


Maybe it's because I overanalyze every single thing that goes on, and I always have, or maybe it's that I worry too much about you, or maybe it is because I'm not pretty enough, or maybe it's because..


I just want everything to be back the way it was.

(but it can't be.)

Why am I so worried?

I get sick thinking about anything anymore. My heart literally hurts. I do not know what to do about it, if I say anything I'm being too much like him, and if I don't say anything I just end up crying. This is stupid, I don't want to upset about this, I don't want to cry, I'm not trying to cause a scene.

All I'm asking is to know your boundaries, know what is right or wrong, do not assume that I will not care about this.

It's almost been taken too far, and I'm really sorry to say that..
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Oh what a wonderful day.

This weekend looks almost promising..
Got to go to Shana's birthday party yesterday and that was fun.
We have to clean the house today and then at 2 we have a baby shower.
I hope there aren't any stupid games.
I need to practice for drum major.
We had to direct in front of everybody and I was nearly mortified.
(but isn't that why you're trying out, Liz? So you can direct everybody?)
Turns out I have stage fright I guess.
Oh well.
I'll work on that.
I need to work on a bunch of stuff.
Chase and I are still doing wonderfully.
8 months and counting.
I'm thinking about getting a summer job so I have money for Christmas presents..but geeze, I'm lazy.
I dunno.
I would like to just lay around all day.
Or answer phones.
Who knows..
I'm out.
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(no subject)

It's Saturday and it's 7:52.
It's way too early, but that's fine.
Get more stuff done this way.
I think I'm going to go see The Ex today.
That Zach Braff sure is a funny guy. :)
5 more days of school, my friends.
I'm excited.
SO excited.
No getting up early.
Unless everyday in the summer just happens to be like this where my body is like GET UP GET UP GET UP.
Let's hope against that, yes?
I guess this is all.
I love you guys.
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