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one day you'll be just ANOTHER regret. >.>;

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Oh what a wonderful day.
This weekend looks almost promising..
Got to go to Shana's birthday party yesterday and that was fun.
We have to clean the house today and then at 2 we have a baby shower.
I hope there aren't any stupid games.
I need to practice for drum major.
We had to direct in front of everybody and I was nearly mortified.
(but isn't that why you're trying out, Liz? So you can direct everybody?)
Turns out I have stage fright I guess.
Oh well.
I'll work on that.
I need to work on a bunch of stuff.
Chase and I are still doing wonderfully.
8 months and counting.
I'm thinking about getting a summer job so I have money for Christmas presents..but geeze, I'm lazy.
I dunno.
I would like to just lay around all day.
Or answer phones.
Who knows..
I'm out.

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i haven't read your lj in a while (^-^)' eheh...

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